Dienstag, 24. Juli 2012

Seiten die Dinge von anderen veröffentlichen!

Mir mitgeteilte Seiten:

Gestohlene Tubes von meiner seite:
Ach ja ich melde mich auch selber ....
Wegen EPS Files die ich als PNG mache und Creationen davon
( die EPS sind nicht meine )
Desweiteren ,,, wegen der Styles für Schriften ... aus denen ich PNG mache ... sowie die Schriftarten die ich benutze .
( Styles ... nicht meine ... Schriftarten nicht meine ....)
Creationen = Meine

Tubes von Freunde Seiten sowie meine Werden dort als eigene Deklariert und manche sogar verkauft!!!!!!!
Meine Cover werden sogar verändert!!!!!!
Manche werden sogar via Mails beschimpft. 


  1. huhu romi
    da ich auch das proba sah wegen programm laden bei
    habe ich gesucht bis ich den trick raus hatte
    lach ma darf NICHT mit Internet EXPLORER da drauf
    Firefox heisst das Zauberwort
    bei mir jedenfalls dann klappt das mit dem orangen pfeil

  2. Thanks for you new Nature kits. I noticed that I do not have 'grass 02 and 03; could you reload them in zippyshare? Thanks.
    I sent an e-mail to mediafire but I guess they haven't resolved the problem.
    Thanks again for all your hard work and generosity. Hugs.

  3. It makes me pleasure to see you back Romi and I hope your health is good! I also have problems with my Mediafire account, they have not blocked me but I have a warning every time I go into my account, I hear of a photo that belongs to a photographer, but I n 'not have pictures in my account! I sent emails but no response ... Super new tubes, I love everything everything everything! A great weekend

  4. hello romi
    that mediafire thing is such a crap, probably because they read MUSIC under your LABELS but of course do not look into it and just asume, there must be music! no files of yours I've ever downloaded had any music at all!!!!!
    just found out: if you enable your pop-up window in IE download will start, as simple as that :D

    best regards and thank you for sharing such a wonderful work with us, I loooove it!


  5. I have been using your stock images for more than 4 years and i have never heard any music on your blog,i will write ti mediafire and let them know.

  6. Thank you for finding a quick and easy alternative to mediafire. I also received the same message on three of the freebies I give away -all of which are graphic freebies for scrapbooking! What a nuisance!

  7. Thank you very much for all the wonderful parts of your awesome nature kit!! and thank you for sharing your beautiful work so generously !!!

  8. Thank you for your hard work. I am sorry to hear that Mediafire froze your account. Personally, I don't enjoy downloading from them anymore. I keep getting viruses attacking through their ads. I am very glad that you switched to Zippyshare. I don't have problems with them usually.